These are all fictional Charaters

Mr. 409
Our fearless leaders of the Machine Shop. 3200 1987
Big George getting ready to go ask the employees to work overtime.
Taking the Boss's place for the week, (thats what he thinks).
To this day, this gentlman still trys to convince people that hot coolant desrtoyed his part and cutter.
Barb learns the difference between G90 and G91.
Big George addresses the Show and Tell meeting.
Super Mike NC Programming God !
Big George with Santa after spending the week as the General supervisor.
Mike becomes a Supervisor.
Jim the king of E.C.D.'s or as we call him Elvis.
Ask Carl any question, any question at all and you will hear...........
These two gentlemen show how to keep cool in the Machine shop during the hot Seattle summer of 1989.
These were the best of the best, General Supervison at it's best! 1988.
The wild bunch.
Curt sets the supervison straight.
Curt take Dave for a sking lesson.

Many more to be added